I get a little shy sometimes :3

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wtfkoreanbbq asked: Are you going to sell any posters? @ the kmarket?


Throwback Thursday to Kuya Model Expo 2! Do you see me?

maichineseguy asked: Haha aw:( well I know we are like the same age! And I have one of your posters :P but it's like super big

I’m sorry but that’s like half of the people who follow me on here -.- there’s nothing funny that you did that you can remind me that can possibly ring a bell about you???

jovioam asked: If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Oh and I love you btw :)

Probably Chinese or Vietnamese…Haha thanks!

maichineseguy asked: Idk I like talked to you on here before haha

You can’t expect to ring a bell with that -.-

maichineseguy asked: Do you remember me!!

Maybe.. how do I know you?! Lol

jovioam asked: Hey Elizabeth. How are things :)

Hey things are great! Thank you for asking(:

pimpinoy asked: Skyline or Supra? btw you're so awesome :D

Are you asking which one I’d pick? Supra probably.

luvasianwomen4ever asked: If you decide to try the chop sticks post a pic love to see how it looks! :)

Will do!

wtfkoreanbbq asked: You are going to see :) I am your biggest fan! I always miss an opportunity to see you because either you didn't show or I couldn't make it :) <3

Aww sorry! Hope to meet you soon though!

therealtao asked: Goddess, you are so exquisite!!! I would consume five pounds of your poop just to consume five pounds of your poop! Do you have a Paypal?


Goodmirning poopiefaces!!! 😜💩👋

Who am I going to see this Saturday at KTown Night Market from 6-11pm at the Spocom booth?! 😁

bcx5732978 asked: Hey


mrstealyogirl12345 asked: Wait do you play counter strike? Or any games? Cause i'm so sure I saw you before..

Yes I do!But I never used my pictures on Counter Strike. I always use one of my brothers’s pictures.