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Last Week Tonight’s Dog Supreme Court.

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jimmyjohnchen asked: Where did you get your tattoos? And who worked on them?

i got it from 5 different people. can’t remember some people. LOL sorry. but the latest cover up was form matt valdez

tushyfanboy asked: You should take a pic of your totem if you have one so i can be on the lookout! 😭😭


smexyrawr asked: Do you have a boyfriend? :D


ilacjay asked: Well hurry and get back here then! I miss you :(


12x143 asked: You should. It be interesting to see what everyone got for your 21st bday lol. I'm sure some fans sent you stuff would love to see you show it off haha

but i used some of the stuff people got me already ):

a3368530 asked: Do you poop more than the average girl?

i think i might..

spartanbow1 asked: Honestly I think you're the type of girl that keeps other people up at night because not only can you be anything less of a bombshell, but I think there's a sort of bubly cuteness that you have. So basically, you're pretty much amazing

ahaha awww!! that was too cute of a message to read <3

How lucky of Steve to have a lake in his backyard!!! Kayaking, yo.

I’m having too much fun in Houston, haha. Thank y’all who came out today that sang, danced and showed me magic tricks! Too awesome. 😎 (at George R. Brown Convention Center)

WekFest Houston with these beauties 😍 (at George R. Brown Convention Center)