I like you. I really do.

You’re just boring AS FUCK.

A bad boy with good intentions.

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Cover up at it’s finest. First session done. Only one more session needed.

I love it.

That sore, new tattoo, feeling.

I don’t like you. I just like the thought of you. Get it right.

Virgins are like unicorns.

Posting things, like my feelings, helps me control it a bit better. I’m not asking for attention or anything which is why I don’t, ever, really explain what’s specifically going on because…telling you won’t make a difference. That’s my fact about me. I just needed to vent right there and then and, you know, Tumblr’s always there for me whenever and wherever. If you’re going to text me or hit me up about my status, I’d prefer you to just hope I’m okay. That’s the best you can do. Asking if I’m okay just SLIGHTLY ticks me off. I know it’s kind of contradicting since I post it and it’s one of the natural thing to do but, yeah, don’t.

P.S. Thank you Tumblr for always being there for me. Without you, I’d probably sock a bitch.

"She’s my sunshine in the rain
My tylenol when I’m in pain, yeah
Let me tell you what she means to me
Like a tall glass of lemonade
When it’s burning hot on summer days
She’s exactly what I need” -Passion 😊

I don’t know why I keep depending on you. 

You’ll always be my shitty half.

Could use a fucking cigarette right now. FUCK.YOU.

I FUCKING HATE it when people drive fucking slow when you’re trying to fucking get somewhere. FUCK. FUCKITTY FUCK FUCKKKK. FAWKKKAJFUIEUIARHFVNIAEUTVJO.

I can love you from a distance.

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a3368530 asked: No picture? Damn. Ok...how about a vivid text description?

nawww! LOL